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3 products

    3 products
     Large floor cushion
    Green and orange Reversible Floor mattress - Large floor cushion - 3 x 6 feet - Ready to ship
    Rs. 2,999
     Large floor cushion
    Yellow and pink Reversible Floor mattress - Large floor cushion - 3 x 6 feet - Ready to ship
    Rs. 2,999

    Kari by Kriti has reimagined what comfort and handcrafted products mean with our new line of floor mattresses. The mattresses are made from environmentally friendly materials and can be used in multiple ways. They can be easily folded, equipped with tassels on all 4 corners, and are reversible offering a comfortable and environmentally-conscious experience, demonstrating a dedication to sustainable living.


    What should I look for when buying a block print fabric floor mattress?

    Before purchasing a block print fabric floor mattress, it is advisable to seek out options that include eco-conscious materials such as cotton. Make sure that the product is devoid of any dangerous substances, and uses ethical manufacturing methods, enhancing both a healthier atmosphere and a more eco-friendly planet. Ensure to consider the design that complement your living space and the overall price of the final product.

    Are floor mattresses comfortable?

    Floor mattresses can be comfortable for many people. The level of comfort depends on the quality and materials used in the mattress. 

    What are the benefits of a foldable, reversible floor mattress?

    A mattress that can be folded and turned over provides flexibility and ease of use. When not in use, it can be conveniently stored, thus conserving space. Given its reversibility, it gives you the possibility to change the colour scheme. Can be used for picnics and outdoors as well. 

    Are block print fabric floor mattresses eco-friendly?

    Eco-friendly floor mattresses with block print fabric can be achieved by using sustainable materials such as cotton and non-toxic dyes for printing. 

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