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    Hello - Block print Word Pillow cover - Pillows with saying - 12x20 inches
    Rs. 599
    Home Block print Word Pillow - Embroidery on Block print fabric - 12x20 inches
    Rs. 599
    Lumbar cushion - Sunshine Word Pillow - Embroidery on Block print fabric - 12x20
    Rs. 599
    Lumbar cushion cover - Happy Word Pillow cover - Embroidery on Block print fabric - 12x20
    Rs. 599

    Kari by Kriti's eco-friendly word pillows truly capture the essence of mindful living. Carefully crafted using environmentally friendly materials like cotton voile fabric and embellished with motivational messages, they bring a sense of optimism to your surroundings. Our pillows are created with ethical intent, offering not only comfort but also aligning with our commitment to a more sustainable and joyful planet.


    What are eco-friendly word pillows?

    Eco-friendly word pillows are ethical cushions adorned with positive and mindful messages, supporting handmade design and conscious living. These products are produced from environmentally friendly items like cotton. Our products are meticulously crafted using traditional methods, effortlessly blending comfort, elegance, and functionality. They exemplify a strong dedication to embracing a purposeful way of living.

    Are block print fabric word pillows handmade?

    Indeed, the majority of block print fabric word pillows are typically crafted by hand. Highly skilled craftsmen employ traditional block printing methods to produce complex designs and convey significant messages. Every pillow has its distinctive qualities, highlighting the creativity and skill of the artisans who made them, enhancing the atmosphere of your living area with a unique charm.

    Are word pillows comfortable to use?

    Word pillows are intelligently crafted to offer a blend of comfort and significance. Our pillows provide gentle assistance as they are crafted from cotton voile fabric to create a comfortable sensation. The positive messages provide emotional solace, ideal for unwinding and cultivating a cheerful ambiance in your surroundings.

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