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    Kari by Kriti's bed linens demonstrate both sophistication and a commitment to ethical practices. Our opulent sheets, crafted from superior 200TC cotton, guarantee a rejuvenating slumber and promote sustainable living. Welcome a greener future by choosing our dedication to both comfort and environmental awareness.


    Can cotton bedsheets contribute to better sleep quality?

    Yes, sleep quality can be enhanced by using cotton bedsheets. The implementation of natural and breathable materials like 200TC cotton adopted by Kari by Kriti, promotes comfort and regulates temperature, ultimately diminishing discomfort, and assisting in achieving a peaceful sleep.

    How do I care for block print bedsheets?

    For effective care of block print bedsheets, it is recommended to opt for a machine wash using cold water. Users can also hang the bedsheets to air dry. When using a machine, select a low-heat option followed by warm iron. Choose sustainable detergents instead of using bleach.

    Are sustainable bed sheets machine washable?

    Usually, sustainable bed sheets can be laundered in a washing machine using cold water. Nevertheless, it is important to consistently review the care instructions provided by the manufacturer to properly maintain the product and safeguard its environmentally friendly attributes while washing.

    Are there any specific benefits of choosing organic cotton bed sheets?

    Opting for organic cotton bedsheets offers a multitude of advantages. They are devoid of harmful substances, gentle on the skin, and hypoallergenic, which renders them perfectly suitable for individuals with sensitivity. Moreover, the cultivation of organic cotton encourages the adoption of sustainable agricultural techniques, thereby minimizing its ecological footprint.

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