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    A baby girl frock is a cute version of a dress. It is airy and comfortable which a little girl can wear throughout the day. The skirt is flowy and flared making them feel like a princess. We have different prints and designs which you can choose from. All in all, it is a pretty and comfortable outfit option.




    What materials are commonly used for baby girl frocks?

    Baby girl frocks are often made from soft and breathable materials like cotton, satin, or tulle. These fabrics ensure comfort, allow ease of movement, and offer a gentle touch on delicate skin. Kari by Kriti ensures that all our products are handmade by infusing natural elements that enhance the appearance and cuteness quotient of every frock like the inclusion of coconut shell buttons.


    What are the advantages of choosing a cotton baby girl frock?

    Softness, breathability, and durability are the main advantages of choosing a cotton baby girl frock. Other than these, a cotton frock is less likely to cause allergies and at the same time absorbs moisture, keeping the body temperature of the baby stable. Hence, choosing a cotton frock provides both comfort and practicality for your little one.


    Are cotton baby girl frocks machines washable?

    Yes, all of our cotton baby girl frocks are machine washable. However, it is imperative you check the care instructions on the garment's label and follow them accordingly. 


    Can baby girl frocks be worn for special occasions?

    Yes, our cotton baby girl frocks can be worn for special occasions. Our frocks are designed with charming details and elegant styles, making them suitable and adorable choices for events like parties, weddings, or family gatherings.

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