Handmade Cotton Baby Swaddle

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    1 product

    A handmade cotton baby swaddle is a soft and breathable blanket crafted by hand from natural cotton fibres. It is designed to wrap infants and give them comfort, promoting better sleep and with a sense of security. Our handmade swaddles are created with care and attention to detail, offering a cosy environment to keep babies snug and content. These swaddles are multi-purpose and can be used even as car seat liners, burp cloth, nursing shields and much more!




    Are handmade cotton baby swaddles safe?

    Yes, handmade cotton baby swaddles are safe. We make our products keeping in mind that it is made from breathable materials like cotton so as to not suffocate the baby and allow proper hip movement and prevent overheating.


    Can I use a handmade cotton baby swaddle for newborns?

    Yes, you can use a handmade cotton baby swaddle for newborns. Our swaddles are safe and made from soft materials that won't harm an infant.


    How do I care for a baby swaddle?

    For best results, we recommend you hand wash the swaddle. There are specific instructions like machine wash cold, tumble dry low, and warm iron for the treatment of swaddles. Following these steps ensures the quality and longevity of your baby swaddle.


    What are the benefits of swaddling for newborns?

    Swaddling helps newborns sleep better by providing a snug, secure feeling. It reduces the startle reflex, promotes longer sleep, and can soothe infants, enhancing their overall comfort and well-being. Moreover, our breathable baby swaddles are made from cotton offering additional comfort to infants.

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