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43 products

    43 products
    Block print iPad sleeves - Tablet sleeve cover - Lilac Floral
    Rs. 699
    Block print iPad sleeves - Tablet sleeve cover - Black Geo
    Rs. 699
    Block print tote bag - Boho quilted women's bags - Women's handbag - Blue Geometric
    Rs. 1,299

    Kari by Kriti offers a carefully selected range of fashionable accessories that are both environmentally friendly and sustainable. Created using sustainable materials such as 100% cotton shell or lining, block print fabric, every bag showcases skilled artistry and conscientious design. We provide a stylish and eco-friendly selection for those who are environmentally aware, offering a variety of colors and designs to choose from.


    What are handcrafted bags?

    Handcrafted bags are a smart and eco-conscious choice, made from materials that can be renewed or recycled, to minimize harm to the environment. The bags cater to environmentally-conscious individuals by encouraging responsible consumption, reducing waste, and endorsing ethical practices. Moreover, these bags are entirely handmade with the assistance of skilled and experienced women operating under the umbrella of Kari by Kriti. Our dedicated craftswomen team employs traditional techniques to design these bags which preserves their rustic appeal and durability.

    What are the benefits of using handcrafted bags?

    There are countless advantages to utilizing handcrafted bags. Smartly, they alleviate plastic pollution and waste, preserve natural resources, and decrease carbon footprints. Handcrafted bags play a significant role in creating a more environmentally friendly world and promoting responsible consumer decisions by endorsing ethical manufacturing. Moreover, purchasing handcrafted products helps you to support local craftsmen who are often neglected by the general audience.

    Are handcrafted bags available in different colors and designs?

    Certainly, handcrafted bags come in a diverse range of colors, patterns, and looks. These bags are paired with a wide range of colors to suit different tastes, from bright and vivid shades to timeless earth tones. Eco-conscious choices seamlessly blend fashion and sustainability in a perfect fusion, be it fashionable totes, or stylish crossbody bags.

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