Eco friendly serving bowls

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    2 products

    Kari by Kriti has reimagined sustainable elegance with their eco-friendly serving bowls. Our collection offers creative and unique designs made from eco-friendly materials like mango wood enhancing the dining experience. Experience the art of mindful living with our exquisite collection of functional and visually appealing serving bowls.


    What are mango wood bowls?

    Mango wood bowls are crafted using the timber obtained from the mango tree. The wood is renowned for its long-lasting quality, appealing patterns in the grain, and eco-consciousness due to being obtained from sustainable mango orchards once the trees have finished bearing fruit.

    How durable are eco-friendly serving bowls?

    The durability of eco-friendly serving bowls varies depending on the type of material they are made from. Our products made which are made from mango wood and have a prolonged lifespan. These sustainable options have a long lifespan and promote eco-friendly practices, making them a wise and environmentally conscious investment.

    Can eco-friendly serving bowls be used in the microwave or oven?

    Environmentally friendly serving bowls, crafted from materials such as glass or specific metals, can be utilized in both microwaves and ovens. However, it is generally not recommended to use bamboo or wooden bowls in the microwave or oven as they have a tendency to get damaged or warped. It is important to always refer to the manufacturer's instructions before usage.

    How do I clean enamel-printed serving bowls?

    Wash the enamel-printed serving bowls gently by hand using mild soap and warm water. Please refrain from submerging, aggressively scrubbing, or employing strong chemicals. Make sure to dry them completely following washing with the help of a damp cloth. To preserve their original quality ensure to wash the bowls immediately after use.

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