Our story

Hi! I am Kriti.

I grew up surrounded by my mother’s love for sarees and handlooms and went on to study apparel merchandising.

I have been a textile buyer and designer for the past 11 years, travelling across India, developing sustainable products for modern homes and people, from traditional textiles. 

I often go back to my roots, a small Himalayan town in India for inspiration. My designs and colors are a reflection of my childhood re-imagined in a modern, bohemian style. 

My precious little boy arrived in November 2014 and inspired me to create beautiful, luxurious children's bedding. I began exploring block printing as a technique for baby bedding. Wood block printing is an age old art wherein a skilled artisan hand carves design motifs into small blocks of wood. The wood blocks are then dipped into color to create beautiful prints on fabric or paper. During my research and chats with block print artisans, I was told that many of these blocks are usually created for a custom design and never used again. As a supporter of sustainability and resource management, I challenged myself to use 'old' existing blocks for my designs instead of designing new ones. I realized that playing with existing patterns and motifs can get tough - there are times when I look at a design and wish that it was slightly larger, more spaced out or simply a two color design instead of one, but that is what keeps me motivated. My quilts are made from the highest quality cotton and will withstand years of use. I hope that these will become heirloom pieces for your home.

From time to time you will also see some wood blocks for sale. These are blocks that were once used to design and decorate fabric but no longer in use. They all have their own little story to tell and can be used to add texture to your home decor.

I also work with a local NGO, here in Hyderabad - that helps economically challenged women find meaningful livelihood. The NGO trains the women to stitch and then provides them employment at centers in their local urban villages. I support these women by working with them for my stitching requirements. In turn, further challenging them to bring my design ideas to life with their stitching. 

My greatest source of inspiration is my spirited 5 year old who pushes me to find the energy to do what I love most! 

I hope you will find something special for your home and for your loved ones at Kari by Kriti!

- Kriti